About Us

The start of Moo

The Happy Moo was created when our founder, who is a serial snacker and almost a pure carnivore, craved for a healthy snack that didn't had a compromise on the texture and flavours.

He loves jerky and having traveled the world, he have tasted some of the best ones. But to his dismay, he could never find a decent pack of beef jerky in Singapore- they were hard, plasticky, and even turns powdery after chewing. He wants real meat!

 He then resorted into making his own recipes. After much exploration and R&D, The Happy Moo was born.


Our brand

We are nothing like all the other beef jerky brands out there.

Our beef jerky are meticulously hand-crafted in small batches with only the best ingredients. We don't believe in cutting corners, only committed to deliver the best quality beef jerky in Singapore.

The Happy Moo is for everyone and we're confident that it'll be the star of all parties and gatherings. As long as you enjoy a good snack, this is for you.